Our Mission

Rocky Clay Flower Farm knows the positive impact flowers and foliage have on our mental health, emotions, and healthy relationships. Our flower farm grows certified organic flowers, plants, and produce using sustainable and regenerative agriculture practices. We strive to create environmentally conscious, elegant, and unique floral decor. Our business offers fresh cut flower bouquets, everlasting dried floral decor, indoor/outdoor plants, certified organic produce, and floral arrangements for special occasions including weddings. We will offer on-farm events starting in 2024 providing educational and recreational agritourism experiences for our customers. All of our products are locally grown without chemicals or negative effects on the environment.

Rocky Clay Farms will grow and produce quality organic animal feed products including, but not limited to, alfalfa hay, clover hay, winter rye, winter wheat, barley, buckwheat, sunflowers, etc. for use on our farm and for sale to other organic and non-organic farmers.We are passionate about using organic and regenerative agriculture practices for the benefit of the earth, the products we grow, and for those who consume them. We strongly believe in finding ways to farm responsibly without chemicals like pesticides and herbicides. We use strategically chosen cover crops, crop rotation, as well as natural composting practices to restore carbon in our soil. We test our soil to make sure we are inputting the nutrients needed to grow quality products. Our hay and grain is sampled and analyzed to ensure that we are growing a nutritious, quality animal feed.

Rocky Clay Goat Dairy is a dairy production operation focused on breeding quality dairy animals with high milk production with high protein and butterfat contents. Our milk is pasteurized and then used to make cheese, caramels, and other edible dairy products, as well as goat milk soap and candles.

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